The Farm Garden
Tomato “shirley”
Tomato “red alert”
Needs support - best grown under glass
or plastic.  Do not over water -feed lightly
once a week over growing period. a
wonderful salad tomato with great taste.
each truss can grow up to 12 large
Highly recommended for an earlier tomato,
especially in the North East from June
onwards.  no need to pinch out but must have
regular watering and feeding. can produce an
excellent yield of small to medium sized cherry
tomatoes with a sweet flavour if under
Peppers can be temperamental when it comes
to setting fruit if temperatures are too hot or too
cool. Nighttime temperatures below 60 F or
above 75 F can reduce fruit set.Peppers will do
best with soil that is fertile, lightweight, slightly
acidic (pH5.5-7.0) and well-drained.
Sweet pepper
“californian wonder”
fruit is green then turns
Small fruited Thai type, with upward pointing fruits.
Attractive 8cm long fruits on a compact plant, typically
30-45cm high. Fruits turn from green to red. Very hot.
Hot pepper
“super chilli”
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