The Farm Garden
Tumblina petunia “cherry ripple”
Excellent for tubs and hanging
Water well before planting and allow to drain. When planting in
containers, use a good quality compost and water regularly,
perhaps daily during dry weather. When planting in borders, water
well until established. Liquid feed weekly through the summer with
a high potash fertiliser.
Begonia “mocca mixed”
Great for planting in borders or
patio pots and containers, each
bloom is up to 10cm
Plant in a hole deep enough to accommodate the plug
Soil Type Well drained fertile soil.
Pruning Deadhead as required to remove damaged/dead
plant spacing 10cm
Surfinia “double purple”
excellent for hanging baskets
and tubs
These stunning double flowering trailing Surfinia
Petunia varieties make beautiful hanging basket
plants creating a fantastic display that lasts throughout
the summer months. The abundant blooms are hardy
and equally tolerant to high heats and wet weather,
new flowers continue to appear throughout the season
keeping your baskets looking healthy and full.