‘We thought the vegetables were excellent in terms of		‘We couldn’t wait, and some of these veggies were eaten within quality, quantity and value for money. The children			6 hours of harvesting.  Some advice on storage might be useful particularly enjoyed the more unusual vegetable such		as we’re used to supermarket pre-packed!  Keep up the good as the patty pan squash.  I think it is also great to see		work please, anything you have is fine by us’. vegetables that are not a ‘perfect’ shape.  We were  delighted with our veggie box, I think you should both be really proud of producing such a vast array of veg to such high standard’. 'I was very pleased with my veggiebox Everything was  very fresh and tasty						         cook something delicious’.	 Good value for money - keep it up!'   ‘I like not always knowing what is in my veggie box so	        ‘Great service, the veggies are delicious, can’t wait for next year! it’s like a surprise every time. ‘I wait until my veggie box arrives to inspire me every week to
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                            Delivering Garden Fresh Vegetables To Your Door From Lumphanan