The Farm Garden
Q.  Are you Organic? A.   We are not certified Organic. All we can say at this stage is that we do not use any       herbicides or pesticides in line with common Organic growing practices.  We use natural fertilizers,       organic chicken manure and compost as well as comfrey, nettle manure etc. Q.  If there are items which we would prefer not to receive can we opt out? A.  Yes the Growers Choice Boxes do have an opt out option (see our Opt outs page) Q.  What happens when I am away on holiday, or don’t need a box for any reason A.   Please let us know at the latest by noon the day before your delivery is due Q.  How do I pay for my Veggiebox? A.  We are happy to accept Cash or Cheques or you can pay by Standing Order or PC Banking       if you prefer (please ask for the necessary details if you prefer either of these methods). Q.  If I am going to be out, will you be able to leave my delivery? A.  Yes, let us know if there is somewhere safe ( weather, bird and any other creature proof) we      can leave your box. Q. I may only want a few boxes each season will you still deliver A. A Veggiebox is a bit of a commitment both ways! If you cancel more than 4 boxes we reserve      the right to cease deliveries. Every year we have a growing waiting list of new customers and it would      be unfair not to give someone else the opportunity to have our veg Q. I’m having a dinner party can I order additional veg to go with my veggiebox? A. Yes let us know by 12 noon the day before your box is due to be delivered and if available we will be     happy to do so - additional veg will be charged at a rate per kilo or per item Q. Do you deliver for 52 weeks of the year? A. No we are totally seasonal and would hope to deliver from the end of June/early July through to the end of October
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