We are Peter and Jeannette Smith.  We moved to Aberdeenshire in January 2007 and wanted to become as self sufficient as possible in terms of food.  Jeannette’s been growing her own vegetables for nearly 30 years now and we both decided when we moved here that we would like to share our delicious vegetables with other people.  So we started The Farm Garden in 2008 delivering home grown fresh veggies every week to our new customers! 2015 saw us moving both house and the business so we had a busy few months getting things up and running in our new home and business location in Lumphanan 2019 will be our Eleventh season and we are happy to say that our customers keep coming back to us so hopefully we must be doing something right!  Their comments and feedback have been invaluable to us over the previous seasons and helps keeps us on our toes ! We’re not a large business so we have to limit the number of customers we can deliver to. We hope that by keeping the business small, the quality of our product and the service we provide remains high. People have asked us if we are organic.  All we can say is that we do not use any herbicides or pesticides on our growing areas and we follow organic growing practices.   We use natural fertilizers and compost and are trying to move to more of a ‘no dig’ operation over the next 2 years
  The Farm Garden
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